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Strategic Planning

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Austroads direction is outlined in its Strategic Plan 2016-2020.

The Plan establishes the basis for Austroads participation in the current environment and ensures we are in a position to respond effectively to emerging changes.

We will be structuring the organisation and our processes to actively pursue:

Collaborative Delivery | Working closely with our member organisations and stakeholders. Actively engaging with Board members to deliver the strategic priorities. Providing opportunities for road agencies to share experience, practice and knowledge.

Embedded Value | Acquiring research on a strongly competitive and value for money basis. Driving a research base that is cutting edge, leveraging off organisational capability and wider networks. Improving road infrastructure performance and productivity.

Transparent Processes | Purchasing research in an open and contestable environment. Reporting measurable benefits of projects. 

Agility and Responsiveness | Responding to a changing and challenging operating environment. Having a sense of urgency in the development and delivery of projects.

Sustainable Performance | Positioning Austroads for a sustainable future. Reducing the environmental impact of roads including contributions to the impacts of climate change and consumption of non-renewable resources. Managing road assets in ways that ensure they are available for the community in years to come.

Shared Knowledge | Providing research and technical reports free of charge to all. Providing opportunities for member road agencies to learn from each other and from overseas agencies. Seeking new opportunities to share research outcomes. Providing Guides free of charge to member organisations (including Australian and New Zealand local councils) and educational organisations. Providing the Guide to Road Safety free to developing countries.

Harmonised Practice | Investing in the continued development of highly regarded agreed practice Guidelines. Pursuing opportunities to improve access to the Guidelines online. Developing tools and resources to encourage consistent good practice.

Austroads Strategic Plan 2016-20 | 4.2MB PDF

Operational Plan

Austroads Operational Plan 2016 2020

Austroads' Operational Plan complements the Strategic Plan.

The Operational Plan provides an overview of the way the Austroads Programs are working towards the strategic plan outcomes, their current research work plans and the progress of projects.

The plan is updated monthly.

Austroads Operational Plan 2016-20: As at 6 November 2017 | 500 Kb PDF


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