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Austroads is calling for expressions of interest to produce a suite of new car and motorcycle hazard perception test videos and supporting material.   The short 15 second video clips will be used in hazard perception tests which are currently part of the licensing process in New South Wales, South Australia,…
The National Cycling Participation Survey (NCPS) is a standardised survey that has been repeated biennially since March/April 2011, with minor changes to the survey structure between 2011 and 2013. The NCPS provides data on cycling participation at a national level and allows for estimates of participation for each state and…
The current Australian polymer modified binder (PMB) specification includes low temperature stiffness tests but does not include a binder test which ranks the resistance of PMBs to low temperature cracking on the road. This study investigated whether binder force ratio tests, conducted using the ARRB elastometer, could be included as…
Guide to Road Design Part 6B: Roadside Environment provides guidance for road designers on environmental issues including the design of roadside facilities to manage water quality, control noise, manage fauna movement across roads, enhance roadside amenity and provide suitable landscaping of the road environs. Guidance is also provided on road furniture,…
Monday, 20 July 2015

Review of Overseas Tunnels

Austroads has published a report with information about the design, construction and maintenance of 122 road tunnels in Europe, Asia, North and Central America, Australia and New Zealand.  The project was designed to assemble information on the construction and operation of a large number of recently completed road tunnels from across…
The Austroads Guide to Traffic Management consists of 13 parts and provides a comprehensive coverage of traffic management guidance for practitioners involved in traffic engineering, road design and road safety. Part 4: Network Management provides guidance on traffic management at a network level. Part 4 addresses network needs of the…
Pavement and bridge designers must ensure that structures are strong enough to cater for the heaviest vehicle and the cumulative effects of the passage of all vehicles. Heavy vehicles, due to their higher axle loads, contribute the most wear and damage, and as a result are a primary consideration in…
This report presents the results of a field validation study that was conducted as part of the development of a new long-term ageing (durability) test for bituminous binders used in sprayed seals in Australia. The field validation study of the new durability test method was conducted using field property information…
This report presents the progress made in the second year of a three-year Austroads project which aims to improve the design procedures for asphalt pavements in the Austroads Guide to Pavement Technology. The report covers a variety of topics related to improving the design procedures for asphalt pavements in Australia.…
In June 2015 the Australian Bicycle Council published the National Cycling Strategy Implementation Report 2014 which outlines the progress made on the National Cycling Strategy in 2014. In this, the fourth year of the National Cycling Strategy 2011-16:‚Äč Australian states and territories invested $112.8 million in cycling related infrastructure, education and promotion…
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