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Wednesday, 01 April 2015

Improving Floodway Safety

Despite public campaigns warning drivers about the risk of crossing a flooded floodway, fatalities continue to occur. Austroads has released research that indicates that the vast majority of designated floodways are not to the required design and hydraulic standards, have inappropriate signage, and depth gauges can provide misleading information. This…
Austroads has released a report that examines the effectiveness of national and international programs that treat and rehabilitate drivers with alcohol dependence and the criteria used to approve the removal of interlocks. The project recommends a stepped care model which requires all participants to attend education and screening and then…
Monday, 30 March 2015

Improving Freight Productivity

Austroads has finalised a review identifying potential issues that are limiting the uptake of the Performance Based Standards (PBS) Level 3 and 4 vehicles. The review recommends retaining the existing national PBS framework and all performance standards, but argues that for some measures a re-calibration of test conditions and/or performance …
A new report proposes a method that will allow Austroads member agencies to consistently report equivalent road condition data measurements. The report summarises the current practices by member agencies to collect texture, cracking, strength and skid resistance data and includes a series of standard data output specifications that were developed…
A new report from Austroads documents the development of interim road deterioration models in the rapid deterioration phase of pavement performance. The report includes models for rutting, roughness, cracking and other surface distresses. The current Austroads road deterioration models only consider the gradual deterioration phase of pavement performance. This was…
In 2013 Austroads proposed a nationally harmonised pilot and escort vehicle driver accreditation scheme and operational guideline, published in the report Harmonisation of Pilot and Escort Vehicle Driver Requirements. Austroads has now released a report that documents the process and results of industry consultation about the proposed scheme. Industry consultation…
Austroads has published the results of a research project which explores the contributory factors for rear‑end crashes, especially those leading to fatal and serious injuries. The project considered urban and rural locations and sought to identify appropriate solutions, discussing both current and potential engineering treatments. Rear-end crashes feature significantly in…
Austroads has released a report that documents the outcomes of the first year of a four-year project to establish crash rates for different road stereotypes across Australia’s state road networks and New Zealand’s national network. The report aggregates all fatalities and serious injuries resulting from the different types of road…
Austroads has released updated guidelines designed to balance the management of traffic in activity centres. An activity centre is an urban planning term for the vibrant hubs where people shop, work, meet, relax and often live. The essential feature of activity centres is the concentration of people-activity. Activity centres play…
Austroads has published the fourth edition of the Bituminous Materials Safety Guide which describes safe working practices and disposal of waste materials when handling hot bituminous products in sprayed sealing, asphalt and bituminous stabilisation operations. This Guide provides basic material to assist with the training of inexperienced users and a…
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