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The Australian Bicycle Council has published Implementation Report 2013 which outlines the progress made on the National Cycling Strategy.  In this third year of the National Cycling Strategy 2011-16: Australian states and territories invested $112.8 million in cycling related infrastructure, education and promotion. Bicycles outsold cars for the 14th year running with…
The Communique for the 18th Austroads Board Meeting has been released. The Austroads Board met on 26 June 2014 in Christchurch, New Zealand. The Communique includes: Review of Austroads 2013-14 Research Work Program 2014-15 Research Work Program Heavy Vehicle Charging and Investment Austroads Chief Engineers’ Group Publications 2015 World Road…
This report, released in July 2014, assesses 11 new technologies that can be potentially useful for road asset managers. Austroads project AT1539 is developing guidance for the use of new technologies that can improve the efficiency of road asset managers. The report forms the second stage of the project. Each technology…
Australian and New Zealand road agencies, as well as transport agencies in the United States, have indicated that there is a strong desire for standardised accuracy reporting methods, data interoperability and management, control or check requirements and procedures for mobile LiDAR surveys. This document, published in July 2014, provides examples…
Austroads has released a report that outlines the direct and indirect benefits of High Productivity Vehicles (HPV) in Australia. The HPV initiative is poised to conservatively deliver $12.6 billion in real benefits to Australia by 2030 through $6.9 billion in discounted direct benefits and $5.7 billion in indirect discounted flow-on…
Austroads has released two research reports which provide insight into the characteristics of pavements containing cemented materials. The Framework for the Revision of Austroads Design Procedures for Pavements Containing Cemented Materials proposes a framework for the revision of the design of flexible pavements containing cemented materials. Prvious Austroads projects concluded that there is…
Austroads has released a report that provides new content for the Austroads Guides on managed motorways. The report focuses on ramp metering as it plays a significant role in controlling the operational characteristics of a managed motorway. Most of the content has been adopted from the VicRoads Managed Freeways: Freeway…
Friday, 13 June 2014

NGTSM Project Update

The second update of the project to revise the National Guidelines for Transport Systems Management (NGTSM) has just been released. The project is being overseen by a Steering Committee of representatives from Australian transport bodies, including Commonwealth, State and Territory governments. The work has been divided into five streams and…
The World Road Association has released a report that looks at different ways energy can be generated by the innovative use of highway infrastructure and associated land holdings. Case studies include: thermal and photovoltaic collection, wind and water microgeneration, and the efficient use of new materials. Read more here.
Friday, 06 June 2014

New Asphalt Guide Released

Austroads has published a new edition of the popular Guide to Pavement Technology Part 4B: Asphalt. The Guide provides an introduction to the nature of asphalt as a material and its application in road pavements. This second edition of the Guide includes major structural changes incorporating details previously contained in…
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