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The horizontal shear stresses applied to pavement surfacings by new configurations of freight vehicles are not yet known. Today Austroads released a report detailing the first suite of testing activities undertaken with a mobile pavement surface wear rig developed by ARRB.  The rig has been designed to gain an improved…
Friday, 19 September 2014

Good Practice in Reseal Programming

This report provides asset managers with practical guidance in the development and delivery of effective resealing programs. It builds on accumulated experience of previous studies and a review of sprayed seal performance throughout Australasia. Sprayed seal treatments constitute the highest percentage of the sealed road networks in Australia and New…
  Austroads established its long-term pavement performance (LTPP) project in 1995. The LTPP study involves monitoring the performance of various types of in-service pavements in different climatic and traffic environments to account for the range of variables influencing pavement performance.  Over the last few years, a significant number of sites have…
Improving freight productivity in Australia requires better access to the road network for heavy vehicle operators. Bridge capacity assessment is critical in this process. A significant number of applications by heavy vehicle operators to access the bridge network are currently assessed using performance based standards. The first tier of these…
Tuesday, 09 September 2014

Assessing Fitness to Drive Update

The joint Austroads and National Transport Commission (NTC) Assessing Fitness to Drive provides guidance for health professionals and driver licencing bodies on the health assessment of private and commercial drivers of heavy vehicles, light vehicles and motorbikes. The NTC recently provided a correction to Figure 7B: Bruce protocol nomogram for women on…
Polymer modified binders (PMBs) are increasingly used in road construction as they provide enhanced performance properties, such as resistance to permanent deformation and low temperature cracking, compared with conventional bitumen. They are produced by blending bitumen with materials such as synthetic or natural polymers, or crumb rubber obtained from the…
Austroads has published the results of a laboratory study conducted as part of the development of a new long term ageing (durability) test for bituminous binders used in sprayed seals in Australia. Durable binders are used in road construction to produce long-lasting surfacings. For more than 40 years the durability…
In 2006, and again in 2009, BIS Shrapnel prepared a report for Austroads which provided a detailed outlook for road construction and maintenance activity, and its implications for workforce capability for member authorities. The reports provided an analysis of the capability of the Australian and New Zealand roads workforce to meet…
Austroads has released an updated Glossary of Terms providing an A-Z list of more than 2,500 road transport terms with definitions. The Glossary of Terms was developed to bring consistency to the use of terms and definitions by Austroads members and other stakeholders in the road and transport industry. It…
The Australian Bicycle Council has published Implementation Report 2013 which outlines the progress made on the National Cycling Strategy.  In this third year of the National Cycling Strategy 2011-16: Australian states and territories invested $112.8 million in cycling related infrastructure, education and promotion. Bicycles outsold cars for the 14th year running with…
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