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The Forrest Review recommends that all Australian State and Territory Governments “introduce a consistent approach to issuing ‘provisional’ locked licences for people who are unable to drive due to unpaid fines or other traffic infringements, so that they can get and keep a job by being able to drive.” The…
Monday, 23 January 2017

Parking guidelines updated

Austroads has published the second edition of the Guide to Traffic Management Part 11: Parking. The Guide is concerned with the parking management process. It presents guidelines for determining the demand for and supply of parking. It includes the implementation of on-street and off-street parking for all road users including parking controls in urban…
Austroads has published a technical report that examines introducing endurance limit concepts into Australasian asphalt design.  The fatigue based design approach in the Guide to Pavement Technology Part 2: Pavement Structural Design will result in continual increases in asphalt design thickness due to ever increasing traffic loadings and the low asphalt…
Austroads has published a review of information on the formulation, manufacture, and properties of geopolymer binders and concretes. The report will inform the manufacture of geopolymer concrete components for structural and non-structural bridge components and other road‑related infrastructure. Geopolymers are a broad class of synthetic aluminosilicate materials, made from a…
Austroads has published a definite, standardised set of information within a single reference document to support the delivery of safe and efficient smart motorways. It primarily comprises guidance on the selection, design and layout of ITS elements within a smart motorway project. ‘Smart motorways’ (also referred to as managed motorways)…
Austroads has published the Congestion and Reliability Review which measures levels and identifies key causes of congestion across major cities in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). The study found that ANZ cities perform in line with international comparators on the three key measures of average speed, travel time delay and…
Austroads has published a reliability-centred maintenance (RCM) strategy and framework to better manage intelligent transport system (ITS) assets. ITS assets play a key role optimising efficiency and minimising crash risk in modern road network operations.  They include traffic signals, pedestrian operated systems, variable message signs, electronic school zone signs, variable…
Austroads has published a methodology to establish an Australian (and potentially a New Zealand) weigh‑in‑motion (WIM) network. WIM devices determine the gross vehicle mass of a vehicle as it is moving. WIM systems fall into two broad groups: low speed, typically used at weighbridges; or high speed, where vehicles are…
Austroads has published a draft of the second version of the Data Standard for Road Management and Investment in Australia and New Zealand with an invitation to all stakeholders to provide comment . The draft builds on Version 1 of the Data Standard released in November 2016 and includes: improvements to the Works and Costs, Performance and Condition function…
Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Traffic operations guidance updated

Austroads has published the third edition of the Guide to Traffic Management Part 9: Traffic Operations. The Guide provides practitioners with guidance on the day-to-day operations supporting the provision of services to road network users. These activities include the operation of traffic signal systems, congestion management, freeway/motorway management systems, incident management and traveller information…

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