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We are in the process of redeveloping Austroads' online presence with the aim of improving the way we share information, better explain the benefits and outcomes of our work, and find new opportunities to engage through digital technology.  As part of the redevelopment, we would like to capture as much input from the users of our…
Austroads has published the results of tests to investigate whether the much faster accelerated mortar bar test could be employed instead of the slow concrete prism test to evaluate supplementary cementitious materials. The tests identify the levels of supplementary cementitious materials, such as fly ash, slag or silica fume, required to…
Austroads has published a report detailing investigations that were conducted to verify the new Austroads sprayed seal design guidelines. Recent Austroads research to maximise the performance of sprayed seals, suggested changes to the design process for low volume roads (< 100 v/l/d) and the application of initial treatments. Observations of the…
Road transport management (RTM) practice draws on knowledge from strategic planning, network operation, road safety, asset management and land use planning along with transport and vehicle technology. With the emergence of Intelligent Transport Systems and connected and autonomous vehicles, RTM practice is rapidly evolving.  Austroads has published a RTM framework…
Austroads' latest report describes the development of a laboratory sprayed seal binder cracking test which can be used to measure the relative fatigue cracking resistance of thin binder films. Cracking is one of the major causes of deterioration of sprayed seals in Australia and New Zealand but there is no…
Austroads has published an updated edition of the Guide to Traffic Management Part 13: Road Safety Environment bringing the guidance in line with the latest Safe System research. The Guide emphasises the need for the road system to provide an environment which assists road users to behave effectively and safely. It considers the role…
Monday, 11 September 2017

Prioritising On-Road Public Transport

Today Austroads published a report documenting techniques and technologies in use to improve the efficiency of on-road public transport Some of these techniques and technologies are explicitly documented in guidelines and design manuals used by the Australian and New Zealand road and transport authorities, and some have been applied in…
Austroads has published a report that identifies road design improvements to better cater for the safe passage of heavy vehicles through railway level crossings. Crashes involving heavy vehicles have been identified as a major safety issue in Australia and New Zealand with the volume of heavy vehicles expected to significantly…
Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Achieving road design objectives

Austroads has published a report that identifies improvements to guidance, education and practice to ensure the fundamental objectives of road design are achieved in new and existing road projects. The  project identified factors that contribute to the fundamental objectives of road design not being achieved. The project concluded that the…
Austroads has published the  findings of a seven year project designed to improve our understanding of pavement surface failures caused by changing configurations and loadings of freight vehicles. The project focussed on the relationship between the horizontal stresses generated by heavy vehicles during turning and accelerating/braking movements and their impact on…

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