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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Harmonising Road Condition Data Management

A new report proposes a method that will allow Austroads member agencies to consistently report equivalent road condition data measurements.

The report summarises the current practices by member agencies to collect texture, cracking, strength and skid resistance data and includes a series of standard data output specifications that were developed after consultation with senior asset managers from each of the agencies. 

Of all the pavement condition parameters discussed it is envisaged that skid resistance will require the most effort to harmonise.

Key outcomes include:

  • specifying D0, D200 and D300 as the key locations for making deflection measurements and reporting network-level strength data
  • directing effort towards the standardisation of skid resistance measurement across Australia and New Zealand
  • harmonising skid resistance measurements by means of extensive correlations between different devices.

Member agencies are now in a position to assess the feasibility of the harmonisation methods and data output specifications proposed and how to best implement them.

Report link: A Common Data Output Specification for Texture, Cracking, Strength and Skid Resistance

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