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Wednesday, 08 November 2017

Traffic studies and analysis guidance updated

Austroads has published an updated edition of the Guide to Traffic Management Part 3: Traffic Studies and Analysis.

The Guide is concerned with the collection and analysis of traffic data for the purpose of managing and controlling traffic within a network. It serves as a means to ensure some degree of consistency in conducting traffic studies and surveys. It provides guidance on the different types of traffic studies and surveys that can be undertaken, their use and application, and methods for traffic data collection and analysis.

Part 3 covers applications of the theory presented in Part 2 of the Guide, and provides guidance on traffic analysis for uninterrupted and interrupted flow facilities and for various types of intersections. It outlines sound methods of analysis for effective traffic management, design and control.

This third edition updates Section 2 and Appendix K, and provides a new Appendix L with alternative data sources and their use cases for traffic studies. This version also includes a new Section 3.4 Multi-modal Level of Service and a new Section 3.5 Austroads Pedestrian Facility Selection Tool. A new Section 7 and Appendix M were produced and two commentaries were amended to provide high-level modelling guidelines.

This edition was written by Clarissa Han, Ian Espada, Glenn Geers and Reza Mohajerpoor, ARRB. The update project was managed by Chris Ray, Roads and Maritime Services NSW. 

The hard copy can be purchased for $99 (+postage and handling) and the PDF for $79.20.

Austroads members can download PDF versions of the Guides for free. This includes all state and territory road agencies and local councils in Australia and New Zealand.

To request your user login and password for free access please send an email from your work email address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Guide link: Guide to Traffic Management Part 3: Traffic Studies and Analysis

Webinar: Join Guide author Clarissa Han for an online overview of the updates on 30 November 2017. No charge but registration essential. Register now.

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