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Monday, 30 July 2018

Road tunnels guidance updated

Austroads has published updated editions of the Guide to Road Tunnels Part 1: Introduction to Road Tunnels and Guide to Road Tunnels Part 3: Operations and Maintenance.

The Guide to Road Tunnels provides practitioners with high level guidance about the planning, design, operation and maintenance of road tunnels in Australia and New Zealand. 

Part 1 outlines the structure of the Guide to Road Tunnels series and provides an overview of the requirements for new road tunnels. Part 3 provides guidance on the management of the operation and maintenance aspects of road tunnels, including the factors to be considered in setting appropriate performance standards. Guidance is also provided on stakeholder engagement, coordination protocols, inspection and reporting, risk analysis, traffic and incident management, asset management, human factors, training and the environment.

The major updates in Part 1 include new sections on emerging issues and ground contamination; expanded information on groundwater management and vibration; and additional guidance on sustainability and operating costs. Updates have also been made to information about Workplace Health and Safety legislation and the impacts of climate change.

New sections on tunnel inspections and reporting, integrated approach to tunnel safety, evacuation behaviour, and tunnel users have been included in Part 3. This new edition also has additional information relating to risk analysis, incident management, methodology, abnormal conditions, motorists, and communication during incidents.

The second edition of Part 1 was authored by Les Louis and Michael Tziotis, ARRB, and project managed by Georgia Stylianos, VicRoads. Part 3 was written by Les Louis, and project managed by Georgia Stylianos and David Kimpton, VicRoads.

PDF versions of the Guides are available to download for free. 

Guide link: Guide to Road Tunnels Part 1: Introduction to Road Tunnels

Guide link: Guide to Road Tunnels Part 3: Operations and Maintenance

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