Roadworks R5
Road Construction
Road Operations

Roadworks R5

R4 activities plus the majority of the following.

Typical Characteristic of Contract Work

General features of works

  • Complex grade separated interchanges, multiple carriageways.
  • Motorway on a new urban alignment.


  • Construction of zonal embankments.
  • Earthworks within 2m of tidal areas.
  • Aggressive unsuitable materials including acid sulphate soils.


Concrete pavements.




Permanent variable message signs and complex ITS arrangements.

Traffic management

  • Complex staged traffic management in high speed and/or urban environments.
  • Multiple alignment changes.
  • Typically AADT>100,000 vehicles/day.




Complex consultant team coordination and/or management.

Stakeholder/project management

  • More complex community/stakeholder interfaces and complex project management.
  • Complex design management.

Cultural heritage and environmental management

Specific elements in design to meet environmental expectations (for example, fauna pass etc.).

Minimum Requirements: Company Profile

Minimum period of operation

Approximately 10 years as a head contractor.

Demonstrated performance

Good general performance on R4/R4 contracts.

Management systems

Third party JAS-ANZ certification of the following:

  • Quality Management System to ISO 9001.
  • OH&S (WHS) Management System to AS/NZS4801 or OHSAS 18001.
  • Environmental Management System to ISO 14001.


Accreditation under the Australian Government’s Building and Construction OH&S Accreditation Scheme is deemed to satisfy the WHS (OHS) requirement for prequalification at all levels.

Where third party certification of management systems is required for categories R1 /B1, independent auditor that assesses the Applicant’s management systems against the checklists or certifies the Integrated Management System must be:

  • a conformity assessment body accredited by the Joint Accreditation System for Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) to the relevant standard, or
  • registered by Exempla Global (or equivalent), with experience in the civil construction industry.

Third party certificates must state that the certification specifically applies to road / bridge construction. A reference to other categories alone (eg civil construction) is insufficient.

Minimum Requirements: Company Experience

Experience in successfully delivering contracts

Sound experience with at least two R4/B4 projects in the last five years.

Project management

  • Demonstrated a sound understanding of the principles of project management.
  • Demonstrated successful utilisation of project management.
  • Utilises a project-specific project management plan for R5 – type contracts or higher.

Partnering/relationship management

Has successfully participated in partnering/relationship management at a level relevant to category R5 and demonstrates a positive attitude and willingness.

Community/stakeholder engagement

  • Structured approach to community/stakeholder engagement.
  • Evidence of successful community/stakeholder engagement activities on relevant past projects – few complaints.
  • Adequate sample/example communications plans and documented strategies.
  • Adequate evidence of meetings/workshops, surveys etc.

Utilisation of management systems

  • Example Quality, WHS Environmental Management Plans are satisfactory.
  • Compliance audits show systems are working and any non- conformances have been dealt with effectively.
  • Lost Time Injury Frequency Rates for the past three years are similar to industry averages.
  • Workers compensation claims over an extended period of time are similar to industry averages.
  • No instances of serious Improvement Notices/Infringement Notices in the areas of environment/WHS.

Subcontractor management

  • Policy and a structured approach to management of consultants, subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Referee comments are generally positive and no issues raised by referees regarding subcontractor management.

Industrial relations

Occurrence of industrial relations disputes is similar to industry average.

Human resources

  • Some evidence of professional development /training.
  • Readily available HR/IR manuals and policies.

Worksite traffic management performance

  • Policies and/or procedures in place and key personnel are appropriately trained and accredited; or an established relationship with accredited Worksite traffic management subcontractor.
  • Evidence of effective traffic management performance in relation to works of a similar nature to those in R5.

Minimum Requirements: Technical Capacity

Preferable minimum qualifications and experience of personnel

  • Key personnel have the qualifications and experience relevant to the duties and responsibilities of their nominated position.
  • At least half of the project managers are qualified civil engineers.
  • At least half of the key professionals/para-professionals and key supervisory staff have 10 years experience and at least two years construction experience each in R4-type contracts.

Demonstrated capability to provide plant and equipment

The entity has demonstrated the capability to provide the plant and equipment required to properly resource R5 contracts.


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