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Road Safety Barrier System and Device Assessment Overview

Run-off-road crashes are one of the most common types of crashes in urban environments. Installing high performance safety barriers can create a safer roadside environment for road workers, pedestrians, bicycle riders, motorcyclists and drivers by preventing errant vehicles from leaving the roadway and instead directing the vehicle towards the traffic lane.

The Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel uses a structured system to assess products proposed for deployment in Australia and New Zealand. Products are evaluated in accordance with the Safe Design of Structures Code of Practice published by Safe Work Australia, and the Safety in Design requirements of the Work Health and Safety Acts enacted by Australian State governments.

The objectives of the Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Process are to ensure the safety barriers permitted on our roads:

  • support road safety objectives
  • minimise risk to errant vehicle occupants, vulnerable road users (motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians) and road workers
  • control impacting vehicle behaviour and manage hazards created by impact
  • use quality standards for materials and manufacturing
  • are accompanied by comprehensive documentation and guidance on their use

The assessment process streamlines operations for road agencies and ensures they meet their due diligence obligations.

From time to time the Panel may also issue Technical Advice notes which are designed to assist safety barrier system designers, installers and managers to ensure that such systems are deployed safely and effectively. 

The Panel meets quarterly to assess products.  Given the commercial sensitivity of product information, meetings are not open to those outside the participating jurisdictions.


Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Information Pack 2017 | 803 Kb PDF

Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Submission Template Nov 2017 | 133 Kb Zipped XLSM

Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel 2017 Meeting Schedule | 22 Kb PDF

2017 Industry Forum Presentation | 1 Mb PDF


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