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Austroads research and technical reports are available for free once you log-in to the Austroads publications website. 

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Implementation of a Nationally Consistent Framework for the Assessment of Bridges in Australia

This report extends on the work previously conducted by Austroads in investigating the development and implementation of a national automated bridge assessment framework. The work outlines the ongoing validation works and recommends a set of activities to assist in the deployment of the framework.
AP T329 17 200px Specification and Use of Geopolymer Concrete in the Manufacture of Structural and Non-Structural Components: Experimental Work
This report details the experimental phase of an Austroads project to review the specifications and use of geopolymer concrete. The findings indicate that acceptable grades of structural geopolymer concrete can be made for field applications.
AP T328 17 200px Accelerated Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Supplementary Cementitious Materials to Suppress Damaging AAR Expansion in Concrete Structures
This report provides the results of testing of three potentially reactive aggregates by the accelerated mortar bar test (AMBT) and the concrete prism test (CPT). The testing program investigated whether the much faster AMBT method could be employed instead of the slow CPT method for the evaluation of the efficiency of supplementary cementitious materials to suppress alkali-aggregate reaction in concrete.
Report Cover Specification and Use of Geopolymer Concrete in the Manufacture of Structural and Non-structural Components: Review of Literature
This report reviews published information on the formulation, manufacture and properties of geopolymer binders and concretes, to inform the manufacture of geopolymer concrete components for structural and non-structural bridge components and other road‑related infrastructure.
Report Cover Realising 100-year Bridge Design Life in an Aggressive Environment: Review of the Literature
This report details a literature review on durability issues that affect the service life of reinforced concrete structures.
Report Cover Realising 100-year Design Life of Bridge Structures in an Aggressive Environment: Experimental Work
This report summarises the results of experiments undertaken to understand the practices required to enable a 100-year design life of bridges in an aggressive environment.


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