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Austroads research and technical reports are available for free once you log-in to the Austroads publications website. 

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 AP R569 18 200px

Guidelines and Specifications for Microsurfacing

This report provides guidelines and specifications for the use of microsurfacing treatments in Australia.

AP T331 18 200px National Performance-based Asphalt Specification Framework

This report proposes a concept national performance-based asphalt mix design specification framework and a future research plan.

AP T327 17 200px Validation of Revised Austroads Sprayed Seal Design Approaches: Site Inspection

This report details investigations that were conducted to verify the new Austroads sprayed seal design guidelines.

Report cover Development of a Sprayed Seal Binder Cracking Test

This report describes research into development of a laboratory sprayed seal binder cracking test which can be used to measure the relative fatigue cracking resistance of thin binder films which have thicknesses comparable to the thicknesses of the binder films in sprayed seals (1–3 mm).

AP T324 17 200px Improved Laboratory Characterisation of the Deformation Properties of Granular Materials

This report examines the capacity of the extra-large wheel-tracking laboratory test method to predict the in-service performance of granular materials.

AP T323 17 200px High Modulus High Fatigue Resistance Asphalt (EME2) Technology Transfer: Final Report

This report summarises the outcomes of the final year of a project designed to assist industry in the successful transfer of French Enrobés à Module Elevé Class 2 (EME2) technology to Australia. It includes the final EME2 mix design specification limits.


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