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Pavement Test Methods

The Austroads Test Methods primarily relate to bituminous materials and their applications. The test methods are published in a numerical series that relates to their subject matter.

Aggregates, stabilised (000-099)

Method No Title
AGPT/T051 Average least dimension of aggregate by direct measurement (nominal size 10mm and greater)
Issued 01/06/2005 | Version 1
AGPT/T052 Absorption of bituminous binder into aggregate
Issued 01/06/2005 | Version 1
AGPT/T053 Determination of permanent deformation & resilient modulus characteristics of unbound granular materials under drained conditions
Issued 01/09/2007 | Version 1
AGPT/T054 Determination of Permanent Deformation Characteristics of Unbound Granular Materials by the Wheel-tracking Test
Issued 21/09/2015 | Version 1


Binders (100-199)

Method No Title
AGPT/T101 Method of sampling polymer modified binders, polymers and crumb rubber
Issued 01/03/2006 | Version 2
AGPT/T102 Protocol for handling polymer modified binders in the laboratory
Issued 01/07/2008 | Version 3
AGPT/T103 Pre-treatment and loss on heating of bitumen multigrade and polymer binders (rolling thin film oven [RTFO] test)
Issued 01/06/2006 | Version 1
AGPT/T108 Segregation of polymer modified binders
Issued 01/03/2006 | Version 1
AGPT/T109 Ease of remixing of polymer modified binders
Issued 01/03/2006  | Version 1
AGPT/T111 Handling viscosity of polymer modified binders (Brookfield Thermosel)
Issued 01/03/2006 | Version 2
AGPT/T112 Flash point of polymer modified binders
Issued 01/03/2006 | Version 2
AGPT/T121 Shear properties of polymer modified binders (ARRB Elastometer)
Issued 03/02/2014 | Version 6
AGPT/T122 Torsional recovery of polymer modified binders
Issued 01/03/2006 | Version 2

Force Ratio of Polymer Modified Binders (ARRB Extensiometer)
Issued 18/02/2016 | Version 3

AGPT/T131 Softening point of polymer modified binders
Issued 01/03/2006 | Version 2
AGPT/T132 Compressive limit of polymer modified binders
Issued 01/03/2006 | Version 2
AGPT/T142 Rubber content of digested crumb rubber binders - trichlor bath method
Issued 01/03/2006 | Version 1
AGPT/T143 Particle size and properties of crumb rubber
Issued 17/12/2010 | Version 1
AGPT/T144 Morophology of crumb rubber - bulk density test
Issued 01/03/2006 | Version 1
AGPT/T160 Protocol for handling bitumens, bituminous emulsions and cutback bitumens in preparation for laboratory testing
Superseded by AS/NZS 2341.21:2015.
AGPT/T161 Determination of dynamic viscosity by flow through a capillary tube - test tube schedule
Superseded by AS/NZS 2341.2:2015.

Specification Framework for Polymer Modified Binders
Issued 03/02/2014 | Version 2

AGPT/T191 Extractions of Bituminous Binder from Asphalt
Issued 30/01/2015 | Version 1
AGPT/T192 Characterisation of the Viscosity of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) Binder Using the Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR)
Issued 30/01/2015 | Version 1
AGPT/T193 Design of Bituminous Binder Blends to a Specified Viscosity Value
Issued 30/01/2015 | Version 1
AGPT/T194 Long-term Ageing Resistance of Bitumen using the Pressure Ageing Vessel (PAV) and the Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR)
Issued 07/07/2017 | Version 1


Bituminous Mixes (200-299)

Method No Title
AGPT/T210 Verification procedure for a wheel tracking test device
Issued 01/01/2006 | Version 2
AGPT/T211 Verification procdure for a gyratory compactor part 1
Issued 01/05/2005 | Version 1
AGPT/T220 Sample preparation - compaction of asphalt slabs
Issued 01/09/2005 | Version 2
AGPT/T221 Sampling of bituminous slurry
Issued 10/05/2018 | Version 3
AGPT/T231 Deformation resistance of asphalt mixtures by the wheel tracking test
Issued 01/01/2006 | Version 2
AGPT/T232 Stripping potential of asphalt - tensile strength ratio
Issued 01/01/2007 | Version 3
AGPT/T233 Fatigue life of compacted bituminous mixes subject to repeated flexural bending
Issued 01/01/2006 | Version 3
AGPT/T234 Asphalt binder content (ignition oven method)
Issued 01/06/2005 | Version 2
AGPT/T235 Asphalt binder drain-off
Issued 01/06/2006 | Version 2
AGPT/T236 Asphalt particle loss
Issued 01/06/2005 | Version 2
AGPT/T237 Binder film index
Issued 01/06/2005 | Version 1
AGPT/T250 Modified surface texture depth (pestle method)
Issued 01/06/2008 | Version 3
AGPT/T251 Ball penetration test
Issued 20/01/2010 | Version 2
AGPT/T252 Penetration of road based by bituminous primers or primer binders
Issued 01/06/2006 | Version 3

Seal behaviour
Issued 01/06/2006 | Version 1

AGPT/T270 Determination of Optimum Amount of Added Water for Bituminous Slurry (Consistency Test)
Issued 10/05/2018 | Version 2
AGPT/T271 Determination of set and cure for bituminous slurry (cohesion test)
Issued 10/05/2018 | Version 3
AGPT/T272 Determination of abrasion loss of bituminous slurry (wet track abrasion test)
Issued 10/05/2018 | Version 2
AGPT/T273 Determination of excess binder in bituminous slurry (loaded wheel test)
Issued 10/05/2018 | Version 2

Characterisation of Flexural Stiffness and Fatigue Performance of Bituminous Mixes
Issued 21/01/2016 | Version 2


Foamed Bitumen Stabilisation (300-399)

Method No Title
AGPT/T301 Determining the Foaming Characteristics of Bitumen
Issued 24/10/2017 | Version 1
AGPT/T302 Mixing of Foamed Bitumen Stabilised Materials
Issued 24/10/2017 | Version 1

Compaction of Test Cylinders of Foamed Bitumen Stabilised Materials Part 1: Dynamic Compaction using Marshall Drop Hammer
Issued 24/10/2017 | Version 1

AGPT/T305 Resilient Modulus of Foamed Bitumen Stabilised Materials
Issued 24/10/2017 | Version 1


Pavement Investigation (400-499)

Method No Title
AGPT/T450 Determination of the International Roughness Index (IRI) using ARRB Walking Profiler
Issued 01/05/2007 | Version 2
AGPT/T452 Measurement of loose aggregate on sprayed seals
Issued 01/06/2006 | Version 1


Equipment (500-599)

Method No Title
AGPT/T530 Calibration of Bitumen Sprayers: General Introduction and List of Methods
Issued May 2015 | Version 5
AGPT/T531 Calibration of Bitumen Sprayers: Volumetric Calibration of Bitumen Pumps
Issued Nov 2012 | Version 4
AGPT/T532 Calibration of Bitumen Sprayers: Transverse Distribution by Fixed Pit Facility
Issued Nov 2012 | Version 3
AGPT/T533 Calibration of Bitumen Sprayers: Transverse Distribution by Field Mat
Issued Nov 2012 | Version 4
AGPT/T534 Calibration of Bitumen Sprayers: Transverse Distribution by Portable Trough
Issued April 2015 | Version 5
AGPT/T535 Calibration of Bitumen Sprayers: Road Speed Calibration
Issued Nov 2012 | Version 4
AGPT/T536 Calibration of Bitumen Sprayers: Viscosity of Calibration Fluid
Issued Nov 2012 | Version 4
AGPT/T537 Field Calibration of Aggregate Spreaders
Issued Jun 2005 | Version 1


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