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Austroads research and technical reports are available for free once you log-in to the Austroads publications website. 

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Recent Road Design Reports
AP T320 17 200px Verification of Austroads Road Design Criteria Based on Objective Safety Evidence
This report provides a compendium of recent and robust evidence on the relationships between twenty key geometric design criteria and safety outcomes.
Report cover Bicycle Safety at Roundabouts
This report investigates how the geometric design components of a roundabout may contribute to bicycle crashes.
Image of report cover Speed Reduction Treatments for High-speed Environments
This report examines the performance of different types of speed-reducing treatments (or combinations of treatments) in high-speed environments.
Image of report cover Review of Motorway Entrance Ramp Acceleration Lengths
This report investigates whether the ramp acceleration lengths provided in the Austroads Guides are valid for modern Australian vehicles.
AP T295 15 cover 200px Road Geometry for Improved Rural Safety
This report draws on literature and crash data analysis to identify and quantify geometric road design elements which contribute to casualty crash occurrence and severity on rural roads, e.g. lack of sealed shoulders, steep downhill grades combined with curves, roadsides with narrow offset to roadside hazards, and high-flow rural at-grade intersections. These findings were supported by a before and after evaluation of casualty crash reductions expected from shoulder sealing, pavement widening and road realignment.
AP T293 15 200px Road Design for Heavy Vehicles
Heavy vehicle crashes across Australia and New Zealand continue to be a major road safety issue. There are road design criteria that are not based on the requirements of heavy vehicles and the purpose of this study was to update criteria for intersections to accommodate heavy vehicles. This study examined gap selection at a variety of intersection layouts including two lane and four lane intersections. The results provided a reasonable measurement of the gap sizes due to the low number of heavy vehicles undertaking movements through the intersections.


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