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AP R571 18 200px

Continual Improvement Processes for Asset Management: Guidelines

This guideline has been prepared in response to the need for a more structured approach to continual improvement in asset management.


AP R572 18 200px

Continual Improvement Processes for Asset Management: Background Research

This report aims to provide asset management practitioners, in both small and large organisations, with an understanding of the methodology utilised in creating a framework for successful continual improvement implementation.


AP R568 18 200px

Scoping Study for a Location Referencing Model to Support the BIM Environment

This research project proposes a new Primary Location Reference System designed to support and to depend upon existing secondary reference systems and families of LRMs. This report recommends development of a National Hub for storing virtual location references.

    AP T309 18 200px

Asset Management Strategy for Road-related Assets (Safety Infrastructure)

This report provides guidance for the management of safety infrastructure assets such as safety barriers and safety fences to maximise the level of service at a minimum life-cycle cost, mitigate risks to road users, and to assist in continually improving planning, maintenance and operations.

   AP R567 18 200px

Long-term Pavement Performance (LTPP) Project: Future Directions

This report presents the proposed future directions for long-term pavement performance (LTPP) studies in Australasia.

  AP R566 18 200px

Effectiveness of Maintenance Activities on Pavement Conditions

This study sought to clarify the effectiveness of pavement maintenance (preservation) activities, in the form of periodic maintenance and rehabilitation, on pavement condition and distress (roughness, rutting and cracking) deterioration rates.


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