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AP T335 18 200px

Appropriate Use of Marginal and Non-standard Materials in Road Construction and Maintenance

This report considers the use of marginal and non-standard materials in road construction and maintenance. 


AP T334 18 200px

Data Standard for Road Management and Investment in Australia and New Zealand: Version 2

The Data Standard for Road Management and Investment provides road agencies and their suppliers, in Australia and New Zealand, with a specification for the data that supports common operational activities.


AP R571 18 200px

Continual Improvement Processes for Asset Management: Guidelines

This guideline has been prepared in response to the need for a more structured approach to continual improvement in asset management.


AP R572 18 200px

Continual Improvement Processes for Asset Management: Background Research

This report aims to provide asset management practitioners, in both small and large organisations, with an understanding of the methodology utilised in creating a framework for successful continual improvement implementation.


AP R568 18 200px

Scoping Study for a Location Referencing Model to Support the BIM Environment

This research project proposes a new Primary Location Reference System designed to support and to depend upon existing secondary reference systems and families of LRMs. This report recommends development of a National Hub for storing virtual location references.

 AP T309 18 200px

Asset Management Strategy for Road-related Assets (Safety Infrastructure)

This report provides guidance for the management of safety infrastructure assets such as safety barriers and safety fences to maximise the level of service at a minimum life-cycle cost, mitigate risks to road users, and to assist in continually improving planning, maintenance and operations.


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