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Austroads research and technical reports are available for free once you log-in to the Austroads publications website.

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Report cover Techniques for Incident Management to Support Network Operations Planning

This report investigates current local and international incident management techniques and proposes an Australasian incident management framework that supports network operations planning.

AP R546 17 200px National ITS Architecture Stage 2 Module 2: Mapping FRAME Content to TOGAF

The National ITS Architecture (NIA) provides a common approach for planning, defining, and integrating intelligent transportation systems. This report maps FRAME content (European ITS FRAMEwork architecture) into the National ITS Architecture TOGAF model based on the findings of the initial enabling work project.

AP R544 17 200px Safety at Road Worksites: Stage 1 Working Papers

This report details contemporary practices to mitigate risk and improve safety at road worksites.

Guide Cover Guide to Smart Motorways

This Guide provides practitioners with a definite, standardised set of information within a single reference document to support the delivery of safe and efficient smart motorways.

Report cover Congestion and Reliability Review

The Congestion and Reliability Review measures the levels of congestion across major cities in Australia and New Zealand and identifies the key causes of congestion. A summary report is also available.

AP R527 16 200px Bicycle Parking Facilities: Guidelines for Design and Installation

This report provides information to assists in the design and installation of bicycle parking and end-of-trip facilities.


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