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Working on roads and roadsides poses significant risks to workers and motorists with changed roadway conditions, disrupted traffic flow, limited working space, and movement of construction and public vehicles in close proximity to workers and worksites.

The Safety at Road Worksites strategic priority project was initiated in 2015.

The Austroads Board recognised that safety at roadworks was a significant issue for road agencies and industry. It was acknowledged that improvements are required to manage the risks associated with providing the optimal level of safety for employees and contractors working in or near traffic, combined with the need to provide a safe road environment for all road users.

Safety at road worksites is a strategically important issue for Austroads member agencies and industry.  The Austroads Board has endorsed a four-part project to facilitate the introduction of a harmonised approach to temporary traffic control at road worksites across Australia.

The Safety at Road Worksites project (BN2019) will undertake four modules of work:

Module Description Completion Date
Module 1 The development of a Guide to Temporary Traffic Management Practice (GTTMP) that will deliver a nationally harmonised approach to temporary traffic management guidance and practice in Australia.    
Part 1: Introduction Apr 2019
Part 2: Traffic Management Planning Oct 2018
Part 3A: AS1742.3 Traffic Control Devices Standards Australia to advise
Part 3B: Approval Process and Guidance for Additional Devices Apr 2019

Part 4: Static Worksites

Part 5: Mobile Worksites

Part 6: Short Term Low Impact Worksites

Sep 2018

Part 7: Guide for Field Staff – Implementation and Supervision Oct 2018
Part 8: Traffic Controller Instructions Oct 2018
Part 9: Processes and Procedures including:
  • Road Network Classification
  • Training competencies
  • Forms
  • Procedures
  • Model Contract Specification
Mar 2019
Part 10: Sample Layouts Apr 2019
Part 11: Supporting Guidance including:
  • Risk Management
  • Audit and Surveillance of Work Sites

Sep 2018

  • Alternative Practice examples
  • Event Management
Apr 2019
Module 2 The redevelopment and adoption of nationally harmonised Traffic Controller Training that will achieve a consistently high standard of traffic management practice and support a nationally mobile industry. The new material and modules would allow the adoption of practices similar to that already adopted by New Zealand. Dec 2019
Module 3 Investigation into a Registration Scheme for Traffic Controllers in partnership with industry to ensure that practitioners are trained by approved Registered Training Organisations and that certification can be readily accessible by a mobile industry. Initial Scoping report due in September 2018 
Module 4

The continued progression by industry of a National Pre-Qualification Scheme for the Traffic Management industry.

Initial Scoping report due in September 2018 

Modules 3 and 4 have been proposed by industry partners and will be developed with Austroads support and ongoing governance.


Feedback sought on Guide to Temporary Traffic Management Practice | 20 February 2018

Austroads Guide to Temporary Traffic Management Practice | 18 April 2017

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