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Austroads is the association of Australasian road transport and traffic agencies. Austroads’ purpose is to improve Australian and New Zealand transport outcomes by: providing expert technical input to national road and transport policy development  improving the practices and capability of road agencies promoting operational consistency by road agencies. Austroads members are collectively responsible for…
Austroads is governed by a board, comprising the chief executive, or their nominee, from each member organisation. The board meets at least three times each year and has responsibility for providing clear policy and strategic direction. It also monitors the performance of Austroads against strategic objectives and approves the annual…
The Austroads Board meets three times a year. A Communiqué, which provides an overview of significant items discussed, is published after each meeting. Download Meeting Communiqués November 2014 June 2014 October 2013 July 2013 March 2013 November 2012 June 2012  March 2012  
 Austroads direction is outlined in its Strategic Plan 2012-2016. The Plan establishes the basis for Austroads participation in the current environment and ensures we are in a position to respond effectively to emerging changes. The Plan has identified eight strategic priorities. Three relate to Austroads directly; the remainder relate to areas…
Each year Austroads produces an annual report which details its work program, operations and financial management.  At a glance, in 2013-14 Austroads: invested $11.1m in its research work program employed 8 national office staff undertook work in 173 projects completed 39 projects published 46 reports and 10 Austroads Guides enabled 143,000 Austroads…
Austroads uses a program management approach to deliver its strategic plan. Programs undertake a range of projects focused on an operational area of the road system and address the eight strategic priorities of Austroads. The six programs are: Assets Program  Freight Program Network Program Registration and Licensing Program Safety Program…
Each Austroads Program coordinates a research work program that addresses the priorities identified in the strategic plan. The 2014-15 work program encompasses 136 research projects: 11 Assets Program projects 14 Freight Program projects 27 Network Program projects 14 Registration and Licensing Program projects 32 Safety Program projects 38 Technology Program…
Austroads publishes a range of Guides which cover the design, construction, maintenance and operation of the road network in Australia and New Zealand. All road agencies across Australasia have adopted the Austroads Guides. The Guides document agreed methods and processes, and provide information about new technologies and procedures related to…
Local government is a member of Austroads through the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA). In addition there is an agreement between Austroads, the ALGA and the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA). The agreement recognises that local roads comprise around 85% of the Australian road network and are important for social and economic development…
Austroads’ most important relationships are with its member organisations. However, Austroads also works closely with other organisations in the road industry and specifically with the Transport and Infrastructure Senior Officials' Committee, ARRB Group, the National Transport Commission and the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional and Economics. Transport and Infrastructure Senior…
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