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Many factors contribute to safety on the road. Driver health is an important consideration and drivers must meet certain medical standards to ensure that their health status does not increase the risk of a crash in which they or other road users may be killed or injured. 

In March 2012, new medical standards come into effect for drivers of private and commercial vehicles. 

This website provides information for health professionals, employers, heavy vehicle drivers, commercial drivers and private vehicle drivers.


In March 2013 the publication was updated to clarify the advice regarding drivers who have diabetes.

In September 2014 the National Transport Commission provided a correction to Figure 7B: Bruce protocol nomogram for women on page 41 and updated the contact details for the Tasmanian Medical Review Officer on page 149. The PDF edition of the publication includes these changes. Hard copies sold from 5 September 2014 will include a corrigendum which outlines the changes. The corrigendum can be downloaded here

In October 2014 the National Transport Commission announced a review of Assessing Fitness to Drive.

A new edition of Assessing Fitness to Drive will be published on 1 Ocotober 2016.

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