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AAM6143 - Prolonging The Life of Road Assets Under Increasing Demand


  • Definitive guidance on the development of road asset preservation and renewal strategies, programs and treatments which prolong the useful life of road assets and minimise total transportation costs (including road agency and road user costs).
  • Knowledge management – capture and share road asset management best practice.
  • Increased ability to communicate with senior executives, road asset managers, funding agencies, industry partners and the community in conveying the message of cost effective asset preservation and renewal strategies.


1. A framework, procedures and supporting tools.
a) An applications guide incorporating an assessment framework, case studies and tools to assist practitioners in the selection and assessment of options which inform the selection of optimum asset preservation, renewal and improvement strategies. It will draw on existing GAM and ATAP guidelines, relevant Austroads guidelines, jurisdictional procedures and relevant research reports.
b) Spreadsheet based tool for life cycle cost analysis consistent with the scope above.

2. Case study development
a) A matrix of case studies covering a range of treatment options in response to specific road asset performance issues and contributing factors
b) Case studies could include the following activities, typical treatments and associated causation:

  • Holding treatment options, as an alternative to full pavement rehabilitation, in response to different modes of distress including oxidation-based cracking, rutting and cracking, and more sever distress arising from shallow seated and deep seated pavement issues.
  • Pre-treatments and other repairs arising from pavement wear, and their impact on the lives of remedial pavement and surface treatments.
  • External and internal pavement drainage options, and shoulder sealing to control the impacts of seasonal moisture conditions and shallow or perched water tables.
  • Road improvements such as seal widening, intersection improvements, passing lanes to provide accommodate increasing traffic demand, larger freight vehicles.
  • Network level program options analysis and funding allocations and integrated programs covering examples of low-moderate traffic levels to highly trafficked, strategic routes.

3. User guidance and dissemination
a) Deliver final project report and accompanying applications guide based on 1 and 2 above.
b) Develop and implement a dissemination strategy, including regional workshops and webinars and training events, which addresses the respective target audiences, namely practitioners in member road agencies at the state and local government level, particularly the asset managers, technical services and consultants / contractors engaged in road asset management.

Closing date: Thursday 9 August 2018, 5 pm EST

SAG6050 Online Survey Report of Road Safety Practices

Purpose: This project will develop an online survey of Australian and New Zealand practices and demographic information in Road Safety practices and an annual survey report, and pursue an ongoing information sharing and partnering arrangement with the Federal Government in developing national harmonised approaches.


The outputs from the project will be:

  • A survey report of current road safety practices, innovation initiatives and relevant demographic information, ready for subsequent population of an online portal
  • A project report which includes workshop summary of Taskforce members’ initial assessment and synthesising of survey outcomes and future opportunities, and recommendations to progress partnering arrangements with other countries and to establish an ongoing information sharing and partnering arrangement with the Federal Government in developing national harmonised approaches.

Closing date: Friday 20 July 2018, 5PM EST

SAG6041 Road System Management Tool: Part A Scoping (ANRAM Phase 2, Road Safety Engineering Toolkit, Road Safety Audit Toolkit and Safe System Assessment Framework)

Purpose: This project will develop a holistic perspective of emerging and existing road safety practices, systems and tools. The project will scope a feasible road safety management tool that would facilitate the use of emerging and existing road safety practices, systems and tools. This tool would:

  • support efficient and effective use by any scale of road authority
  • be relevant at the right time as part of the road system management lifecycle (including planning)
  • consider the context of network operations, asset management and road design practices
  • consider the proposed National Road Safety Action Plan requirement for safety plans and emerging practices developed under project SSP2068 Road Cross Section Design for Road Stereotypes
  • aim to achieve better road safety decisions and therefore outcomes.

Following collation of systems and approaches used across jurisdictions, a workshop of informed jurisdictional representatives will be convened to identify opportunities which can be facilitated through collective action via Austroads. Listing of existing approaches used across jurisdictions, latest ideas, contemporary thinking in this field and possible next steps will be expected as outputs.

Closing date: Friday 20 July 2018, 5PM EST

CAP6088 Road audit on infrastructure to support automated vehicles on rural and metropolitan highways and freeways

The purpose of this project is to identify the gaps in current physical and digital road infrastructure provided to support the operation of automated vehicles on key highways and freeways across Australia and New Zealand.


This project is expected to produce:

  • A report that includes:
    • a detailed outline of the survey methodology
    • the road networks being surveyed
    • issues and gaps found based on the survey
    • overall readiness of the whole freeway/highway network
    • overall readiness of each ANZ jurisdictions’ freeway/highway network
  • Data of the surveyed road network in GIS format (ESRI Shape file is preferred or other format agreed by Austroads) that can identify:
    • road sections that meet the specification in Appendix A (outlined in the Project Brief)
    • road sections that do not meet the specification in Appendix A and reasons (outlined in the Project Brief).

Closing date: Wednesday 25 July 2018, 5 pm EST

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